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IST Aluminium Backplate Harness & Wing

These are complete single tank BCDs with hydro-dynamic doughnut style air cells. They have a narrow frontal profile to really improve streamlining in the water when in swimming position.

Insight wrist mount

Sherwood's Insight wrist computer covers all the aspects of recreational diving. All necessary information is accessible in the blink of an eye with this dive computer, which is fully equipped for air and Nitrox diving.

Brut Regulator

Totally redesigned to provide outstanding breathing performance, the Brut maintains dedication to rugged reliability combined with ease of maintenance.

Sherwood Silhouette BCD

Top Choice of Dive Schools and Rental Shops Worldwide

Hope 1000 Denier BCD

This is a traditional jacket style BCD which provides all the basic requirements a diver needs. A highly recommended BCD for dive shops.

Navigational Console

A 3 gauge console with the depth gauge and compass on the same side, so depth and direction are easily monitored simultaneously.

Mini Triple Gauge w/Compass

Mini pressure gauge and depth gauge console with compass located on the reverse side.

Compact Console 60M

Twin gauge analog console with high visibility graphics.

ISR-750 Piston Regulator

IST’s new R750 was designed and developed with reliability as the main priority. It is simple to use and easy to service. The proven technology used means with proper care and maintenance it will give years of trouble free diving. For use in waters warmer than 10 ํC.

Mini Double Gauge w/Slate

Mini pressure gauge and depth gauge console with slate located on the reverse side.

5mm Full Wetsuit Mens

Stylish diving wetsuit in 5mm thickness. Specially designed for men.

5mm Full Wetsuit Ladies

Stylish diving wetsuit in 5mm thickness. Specially designed for women.

Sherwood Octopus

Redesigned to provide breathing performance. Rugged, reliable & easily maintained. A favourite for rental applications.

Pressure Gauge Console

Pressure gauge with temperature indication.

Armor Tex Glove

Premium ArmorTex diving gloves.

100lbs Lift Bag

High quality 100lbs. lift bag.

2nd Stage Octopus

Reliable and robust, the O50 uses the time-proven, easy to service down-stream valve.

Sherwood Wrist Compass

Sherwood's top wrist compass with improved magnets for flawless navigation.

50lbs Lift Bag

High quality 50lbs. lift bag.

Life Saver Ring 1.5

Boat quality life saver ring.

Wind-Breaker Jacket

2.5mm Nylon II neoprene jacket that keeps the body warm before and after diving.

Tech Dive Fin

Traditional rubber fin with proven design. By combining features such as blade curvature, varying degree of flexibility and structural ribs, the product produces positive forward thrust with spring-like effect.

Reef Diving Glove

This warm water glove features a plush texture with incredible durability, giving you outstanding grip. Perfect for water sports, diving, or working on the deck.

Alert Marker w/Dump Valve

A large SMB with dump valve to avoid over expansion and bursting.

3mm Tropical Booties

Low 3mm scuba diving booties. Also suitable for beach walks.

Adventure Fin

These powerful fins provide swift movement through the water and can be used with or without booties.

Optical Lens for Corona Mask

Optical lenses for ISM55 Corona mask are available in dioptre from -1.0 to -8.0 in 0.5 increments. Left / Right lenses are interchangeable

Adult Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Surfing, snorkelling, diving, boating, kayaking, cycling, playing on the beach; take a long sleeve rash guard and protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. Flexible and quick drying materials, always comfortable to wear whatever your activity.

Back-Up BCD Knife

Small diving knife that easily hooks to your BC.

Surf Snorkel

An excellent flex snorkel for divers of any experience level. Contoured barrel reduces water resistance. Purge valve for easier clearing. Silicone mouthpiece and flex tube.

Spring Heel Fin Strap w/Steel Clip

Rust resistant stainless steel spring straps are ideal for technical and recreational diving. The main advantage ot these straps is that when fitted, fins become easier to put on and take off.

Technical Diving Knife

Short, but effective diving knife. Good choice for technical divers.

Life Jacket 210 Denier

Life jacket for boat passengers and swimming purposes.

Caicos Snorkel

Newly designed silicone mouthpiece curves inward to reduce jaw fatigue. Easy-clear purge. Swivel large bore tube. Mask strap retaining clip.

Wreck Reel

High quality and highly visible dive line on a reel.

S/S Buckle 3 Slot

Stainless steel belt buckle.

Lead Weight small piece

Scuba dive lead belt weight
Cat: Accessories, Brand: Cove

Sea Snips

Diving scissors for cutting nets, ropes and more.

Mini personal dry pouch

Dry pouch for keeping your valuables safe and dry.

Weight Belt Webbing per 1 Yard (90cm)

Weight belt, 1 yard (90cm) in length.