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Cylinder Conversion Kit – OMNI v.2 BLS / ALS

Oxygen tank strap set. Allows you to organize the use of the device. The tank is moving. So easy to use. The band has a strong chassis creates a separate connection.


The DOUBLE DEEP STUFF pocket provides extra space for larger supplies that you may want to quickly and easily remove from the OMNI™. These 8.5” x 16” x 1.5” pockets secure to any OMNI™ bag.

OMNI 12” Fixed Divider

The 12” fixed divider is designed to stretch across the width dimension of TS-Ready™ Total System’s large main compartment. Inner foam construction maintains the shape.

OMNI Adj. Slider Divider Set

Sliders allow you to get organized the way you want to get organized. These durable inner foam constructed 3” panels interlock to create an adjustable divider that can extend from 3” up to 5.5”.


STICKIT STRIPS are 7” hook and loop straps with 4 elastic loops that allow you to stick and secure anything ranging from 0.5” up to 1.5” in diameter.

Module Converter

The Module Converter allows you to connect MERET TS/TS2 Ready™ modules to either past 4000 series TS Ready™ or to the new 5000 series TS2 Ready™ bags. Simply zip one side to the module and the other to the TS/TS2 Ready™ bag and they're connected.

Cylinder Conversion Kit – OMNI PRO BLS/ ALS Total System (TS Ready™)

This kit provides a simple solution to securely adding a MD or MJD size oxygen cylinder to your OMNI PRO.

AIRWAY™ PRO Intubation Tri-Fold Module (TS2 Ready™)

The AIRWAY™ PRO Intubation Tri-Fold securely organizes basic and advanced airway equipment and supplies. The roll-out tri-fold quickly allows access to all of your airway equipment while securely fitting within a TS2 Ready™ module. Clear internal pockets provide quick identification of blades, intubation tubes, and other airway supplies. Add this module to any MERET TS2 Ready™ product, simply use…

NARKIT™ PRO Drug Module (TS2 Ready™)

The NARKIT™ PRO Drug Module organizes all of your meds in a small compact filing system that securely fits within a TS2 Ready™ module. Clear internal pouches provide quick identification of meds. Additional clear pockets provide storage for needles and syringes. Add this module to any MERET TS2 Ready™ product, simply use it individually as a shoulder bag, or use the backside velcro webbing straps…